Decadent Desserts

& Ice Cream

 Like our chocolate truffles, we create all of our desserts in-house – we even make the ricotta cheese for our cannoli filling.


Mini Cakes: A small layer cake perfect for a single serving, or to share if you’re feeling generous. Delicious cake layered with fruit curds, ganaches, caramels and finished with Italian meringue buttercream. Flavors vary seasonally, but you can expect treats like lemon cake, cardamom or star anise cake, devil’s food cake with Earl Grey tea, and devil’s food cake with salted caramel.

Tortes: Our tortes are a cake or shortbread layered with mousse and finished with house-made glaze. Flavors vary seasonally, but our three favorites are almost always available: Chocolate Espresso, Strawberry Balsamic, and Peanut, Bourbon, and Chocolate.

Cakes & Tortes
Shortbreads & Pizzelles
Cannoli & S'Mores
Ice Cream

House-made ice creams and sorbets. From favorites like vanilla bean and chocolate, to adventurous varieties like sweet corn and chocolate with ancho chile. Flavors vary seasonally.

Shortbreads: Classic house-made shortbreads like lavender, lemon, chai, and chocolate Early Grey.

Pizzelles: The classic Italian cookie made with star anise. Also available dipped in chocolate.

Pizzelle Cannoli: House-made ricotta filling with chocolate in a pizzelle cookie shell.

She Cried S’More, S’More, S’More: House-made graham cracker with double toasted marshmallow, enrobed in dark chocolate, and topped with graham cracker and chocolate crumbles.

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