Valentine's Collection of 24

Valentine's Collection of 24

Assorted box of 24 of our most popular chocolates.

  • What's In the Box


    • Sexyback: salted caramel in dark chocolate.
    • Passionfruit: white chocolate passionfruit curd ganache with passionfruit pate de fruit in dark chocolate.
    • Strawberry & Marshmallow: a layer of strawberry marshmallow & a layer of dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell.
    • The L Word: a layer of white chocolate lemon curd ganache & a layer of dark chocolate lavender ganache in a dark chocolate shell.
    • Man on the Moon: raspberry white chocolate cheesecake ganache in dark chocolate.
    • Steel Magnolia: a layer of vanilla bean milk chocolate & a layer of dark chocolate with chicory enrobed in dark chocolate.
    • Holy Trinity: 73.5% dark chocolate ganache with cacao nibs & chocolate liqueur in dark chocolate, topped with cacao nibs & sea salt.
    • Date Night: milk chocolate ganache with Grand Marnier, orange zest, & tamarind in dark chocolate.
    • Goodbye Earl: milk chocolate ganache with Earl Grey tea & local honey in dark chocolate.
    • El Machete: dark chocolate ganache with local cayenne peppers, Ceylon cinnamon, coffee liqueur, & vanilla bean in dark chocolate.
    • Green Dragon: dark chocolate ganache with cardamom, Kaffeeklatsch coffee, & burnt sugar; made with coconut instead of dairy. Vegan.
    • Moonwalker: Felchlin Grand Cru Opus Blanc white chocolate ganache with vanilla bean & a salty dark chocolate cookie crumble in dark chocolate.
    • Irons One Old Fashioned: dark chocolate ganache with Irons One Bourbon Whiskey & 18.21 Havana & Hide Bitters enrobed in dark chocolate.
    • Pizzelle: dark chocolate ganache with star anise, Sambuca, & Kaffeeklatsch espresso enrobed in dark chocolate.
    • Mocha Java: Felchlin Grand Cru Java 64% dark chocolate with local honey infused with Kaffeeklatsch Yemen coffee.
    • Depth Charge: dark chocolate ganache with Straight to Ale's Stout at the Devil beer, Kaffeeklatsch espresso, & nutmeg enrobed in dark chocolate.
    • Nutty by Nature: peanut butter & peanut praline ganache with a layer of marshmallow in dark chocolate.



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