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Get company-branded chocolates for your customers, clients, or colleagues 

I*Photo taken by Whitney Briscoe Photography


Two Sisters & Their Love Affair with Chocolate

Pizzelle's Confections is an eclectic mix of edible art and culinary exploration. We bring our lifelong love of fine chocolate, culinary, and visual art to every creation. Our mission is to share our love and knowledge of chocolate and confections so that our customers have a greater understanding and appreciation of fine chocolate and confectionery art. A visit to Pizzelle's is an experience; we love what we do and have a great time doing it. We want all of you to have a great time during your visit with us. We always say: we take our chocolate very seriously - ourselves, not so much!


Tues, Wed, Thur, & Fri: 10a - 5p

Sat: 11a - 6p


2211 Seminole Dr, Railroad Room 4

Huntsville, AL 35805



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